Woolston Spiritual Centre


About our centre

Woolston Spiritual Centre was forged out of the old S.N.U. Church when it closed in February, 2012. A definite need for Spiritualism in the area was discovered.  We are an independent and free group of like minded people gathering at “The Hut” to learn more and more. Support grew from all around Southampton and we are now a thriving and expanding group. We offer believers and non-believers information, education and upliftment. A lot of Spiritualists do not like the word entertainment being said about the Spirit World but Spirit does not mind. In this modern technological world that is how the majority of the population sees mediumship. They soon find out though that it is about a loving communication between two worlds of life when the medium gives them a personal message which they cannot deny. Proof of the pudding is in the eating!

We want to spread the word of Spirit by love and not by any other means. People are free to come to our events whenever they want. Our doors are always open to everyone. You can find us on facebook or click on to the contact page to get more personal attention.

For those of you who are grieving the physical loss of a loved one please take heart. If you are curious and feel we can help in any way, contact us, or visit us at one of our events and find out for yourselves why we believe so strongly in the Spirit World; respecting, loving and trusting them. We love the peace of mind it gives us as we travel along this sometimes troublesome physical journey and would like to share that positive feeling with you. We know your loved ones will be waiting for you and when it is your time to go you will be with them again.